Passé in English

International students of history are very welcome to participate in Passé while they are staying in Denmark at the University of Copenhagen. Below are general information and the founding thoughts concerning Passé.
If you wish to contribute to Passé be sure to read the writer’s manual

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Passé – a journal of, by and for students of History

Passé is a journal written, edited and published by students of History at the University of Copenhagen. It is published twice a year, in May and December.

The purpose of Passé is to advance the academic and social environment at the department of History at the University of Copenhagen. The journal is intended to promote an identity formation among the students of History. The sharing of knowledge through academic articles is intended to form better skilled students.

Every semester a new editorial board is formed by those students who want to participate. Every student of History is welcome to join. The editorial board delegates the different jobs and tasks for the forthcoming edition including PR, layout etc.

Passé is very democratic and has no firm rules or laws. Everything is decided upon ad hoc basis.



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